Data Conversion Tools with Add-ins/plug-ins for Excel

Find Data & Extract Data Types

The tool Find Data & Extract Data Types allows the reallocation/moving of cells containing data on the same Excel worksheet, based on conditions established by the user on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Move cells containing data of a predetermined type:  

In case of Text Data (TEXT), several combinations can be performed on the basis of the following selection preferences:   

  • Presence of Letters, Numbers and Symbols:  
    • The type of Data is ALWAYS present
    • The type of Data is OPTIONALLY present (It may or not be present)
    • The type of Data is NEVER present    
  • Find one or more words or phrases (strings) as the filtering criterion  
  • Position of numbers within a text:
    • In any Position At the beginning At the end   

It is important to mention that this tool moves the complete content of each cell that complies with the previously specified conditions, transposing data starting from the destination column selected by the user, on the same rows where original data is located.

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