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Reply Headers & Footers

This tool allows you to replicate headers or footers, flagging the detail records of the report format. One or more columns are inserted to the right side of the data area, where selected cells of the header or footer are being replicated. Cell contents are updated when a Header or Footer break occurs.  

It is also possible to process nested headers or footers, using the same tool once for every nesting level. It is recommended to process, in the first place, the inner headers or footers and later on the outer ones, it is to say, inside out.    

This tool will identify those rows containing headers or footers based on a data pattern considering the user´s selection as a sample. This tool also has the possibility of adding cell format as an identification criterion, such as Font Color, Size and Style, and the color of the cell.  

Once headers or footers are replicated, these will be eliminated during the reformatting process.

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