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Transpose Data Labels

This tool allows the transposition of data blocks vertically aligned on columns and separated by one or more rows (as labels do on a sheet of paper) creating a flat table structure. Each block of original data will occupy a row (record) of the output data.

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Transpose Cross Tables

It allows you to transpose data lined up on rows in a cross table, moving them in a single column having as a result a table in flat file database format.

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Line Up Multi-line Records

By using this tool it is possible to integrate in one single row all those records containing fields below in one or more adjacent lines.

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Reply Headers & Footers

This tool allows you to replicate headers or footers, flagging the detail records of the report format. One or more columns are inserted to the right side of the data area, where selected cells of the header or footer are being replicated.

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Replicate Group Fields

By using this tool it is possible to replicate downward, on the same column, those fields that appear as field group’s statements, embodied in the report’s detail.

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Find Data & Extract Data Types

This tool allows the reallocation/moving of cells containing data on the same Excel worksheet, based on conditions established by the user on the basis of a user criteria.

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Find Data to Delete Rows

This tool is useful in deleting all those rows containing text that matches the selection of one or more cells, offered by the user as a sample.

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Find Data Pattern to Shift Cells

By means of this tool it is possible to shift one cell or set of cells located within a given range of data and with a recurrent data pattern in the datasheet.

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Find Data Pattern to Insert Rows

This tool is useful while inserting one or more empty lines above or below a data pattern selected by the user and that recurrently appears on the Datasheet.

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Delete Blank Rows & Columns

This tool is useful while deleting empty rows or columns. In the case of rows it allows you to establish a range of contiguous lines to be removed.

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Unmerge and Replicate Cells

With this tool it is possible to unmerge sets of combined cells. The text contained in each original set of cells will be replicated in each of the out coming separated cells.

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Encode Colors

It assigns a numerical code to each selected cell, according to its Foreground Color. For such purpose a column is inserted to the right side of the selected column.

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Split Text to Columns

This tool is useful while splitting texts contained in the cells of a single column, using one or more delimiters.

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Split Text to Rows

It allows you to split text contained in the cells of a single column and vertically transpose separated fields on the rows of such column, replicating cells with data that go along with each original cell of the split column in the selected adjacent columns as part of the entire data area.

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Concatenate Columns

By using this tool is possibly concatenate (join) fields originally located in independent columns that might be contiguous or separated. You may select a delimiter of your choice.

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Pad out with Leading Zeros

This tool allows you to insert zeros to the left side of numerical values until completing the length of the field established by the user, for which zeros will be added as needed.

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Trim Spaces within Cells

With this tool it is possible to remove extra spaces at the beginning and at the end of cells containing data (leading and trailing spaces).

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